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Bermuda Sloop is Tier II Caribbean Ship, designed for long-range fight. Originally, the Bermuda Sloop is a type of fore-and-aft rigged sailing vessel developed on the Bermuda islands in the 17th century. The Bermuda Sloop became the predominant type of sailing vessel both in the Bermudian colony and amongst sloop rigs worldwide as Bermudian traders visited foreign nations. During wartime, much of Bermuda's merchant fleet turned to privateering, a lucrative activity for which the fast sloops were well-suited. Bermudian mariners excelled at the activity, thanks largely to the speed, especially to windward, and maneuverability of the Bermuda sloops, which suited them well to the role.

Powerful cannons and carronades, combined with high downwind speed and low boards are the main strengths of the Bermuda Sloop. Cannons like medium size Demiculverine, known of its range, accuracy and effectiveness and Serpentine are available for our new captains. Players who would like to choose this ship as their starting vessel should pay attention to the fact that only one mast – lucky hit can root the whole ship. In addition, we need to count mediocre turning rate and the sails, which are easy to hit and have low toughness.

Our experienced gamers say that although the Bermuda Sloop does not have the maneuverability or durability of the Herren Yacht, it compensate for that with very long range cannons and high damage output.  Well balanced and combined with a heavy catapult, it's a fearsome defensive and support ship.