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FailPwnz FailPwnz 13 November 2013

Editing Contest!

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What is our editing contest? It's fantastic is what it is! With the *soon* coming of the Beta for Wind of Luck:Arena, we will have a chance to find and access anything we can in the game! That means more ship pages, useage (how people will tend to use the ship in the game;hauler tank etc.), more categories (Please consult Oneironz about how a category should be made, please.), more cannonrades, people making blogs on their fun in the game with screenshots; the whole package! This contest is there for the benefit of the wiki and teaching people they can be useful and add pages and stuff to everyone's knowledge.

Simply edit pages in good fa…

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TrazzyMaarten TrazzyMaarten 3 November 2013

Wiki Content

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In Wind of Luck you will be able to be the captain of your own ship. In the game you will find 90 useable ships from a small Pirate junk, to a huge tier 1 vessel!

The focal point of the Wind of Luck gameplay is a sea battle - dynamic, highly maneuverable, giving the player a wide variety of different tricks and unusual actions. Each ship has its own strengths and weaknesses, and even the light brig have the opportunity to emerge victorious in the battle with the first class line ship. A special model of the ships movement let player feel the mass of the sailing vessel and, at the same time, it allows maintaining the necessary flexibility for the gameplay and the dynamics o…

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