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Dhow is a Tier II Mediterranean ship, first in line of agile lateen-rigged ships. It has very low boards and is probably the most agile ship in the game. Historically, Dhow is an Arab boat that is low in the front, high in the back, and that usually has one or two sails that are shaped like triangles. It seems that Dhow making is considered an art, and this art has been passed down from one generation to another, preserving, at least in part, the dhow's basic design and use. By taking all of these into consideration, we can get an excellent idea of how the ancient dhow was constructed and what its sailing abilities were.

Dhow’s strong points include maneuverability with ease, good movement in windward tacks and very low boards that makes hard to target this ship. As opposed, fragile hull and mediocre power come as the ship’s main weaknesses.

According to the gamers’ reviews, Dhow is very well balanced. Tiny size makes it very hard to hit, and it can use catapults and long cannons to take down opponents of various sizes. It takes a skilled captain to properly sail her and the “hit and run” concept looks as it is specifically devised for this ship. The ship is not meant for head-to-head competition but more for hit, run, and evade. It can easily be destroyed by being hit twice.

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