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Hokulea is Tier II Asian ship, improved version of Catamaran, with better maneuverability and pair of bow cannons. Hokulea or Hōkūleʻa, called the Star of Gladness, is a result of reviving the legacy of exploration, courage, and ingenuity that brought the first Polynesians to the archipelago of Hawaiʻi. The canoes that brought the first Hawaiians to their island home apparently had disappeared from earth. Though more than 600 years had passed since the last of these canoes had been seen, you can find it only in the “Wind of Luck: Arena” or as a tourist attraction in distant holiday resorts.

It is obvious that you can enjoy this exotic ship direct from your computer better than paying high amounts of money to see it in resort, but let’s see some good points and weaknesses of the Hakulea ship in the battle.

First, the good side: bow cannons allow to chases enemy and hits it at the same time. This sturdy hull ship has the good turning rate, although its mediocre speed and vulnerability to grapeshops are its main weaknesses. We must note the very little crew, but our experienced players can praise its selection of cannons like light medieval cannon Falconet and Pedrero, also known as the stone thrower.