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Tiny Galley.png

Tiny Galley is another Tier II Mediterranean ship and currently the only Tier II oar-powered ship in the game. Galleys were the warships used by the early Mediterranean naval powers, including the Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans. They were the first ships to effectively use heavy cannons as anti-ship weapons. As highly efficient gun platforms they forced changes in the design of medieval seaside fortresses as well as refinement of sailing warships. The zenith of galley usage in warfare came in the late 16th century with battles like that at Lepanto in 1571, one of the largest naval battles ever fought.

Compared to non-oared ships, Tiny Galley has low downwind maximum speed, mediocre firepower and its high stern comes as a good target. But this ship has a lot to offer: its oars are less vulnerable to fire than sails, it has extremely good speed windward and very good maneuverability.

Gamers will find the boat’s maneuverability as very useful, but someone may argue about low health points for its size.