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                                                       Contest Details!

What is our editing contest? It's fantastic is what it is! With the *soon* coming of the Beta for Wind of Luck:Arena, we will have a chance to find and access anything we can in the game! That means more ship pages, useage (how people will tend to use the ship in the game;hauler tank etc.), more categories (Please consult Oneironz about how a category should be made, please.), more cannonrades, people making blogs on their fun in the game with screenshots; the whole package! This contest is there for the benefit of the wiki and teaching people they can be useful and add pages and stuff to everyone's knowledge.

How to Enter

Simply edit pages in good faith just like any other wiki member! Be sure to add new pages if you find stuff that isn't on the wiki already! c:

How to Win

Here's the fun part! To win, all you need to do is all the most useful pages with new info, or if you don't add pages, have the most good faith edits. Good faith edits are edits which are made in good faith, like adding information or taking out useless spam stuff on a page. Adding appropiate images can be considered good faith as well. Editing a page by adding a space somewhere is considered spam and will get you instantly disqualified. Removing a letter, publidhing it, then adding it back again is also spam and will yield the same result. Continually doing such will result in a temporary or permanant ban depending on the extent of your actions.


Everybodys favorite part! Everyone who participates can use a userbox and have it added on their page when i make one and release the code. The top 3 winners of the contest will have a special one and a custom signiture made by me just for them! Also, recognition by me <3! Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? :3

Winners will be announced here!