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Ship Description[]

War Galleon is famous sea king from early times of the golden age of sail: massive, reliable and formidable. Its design was inpired by features of famous galleons of the past, like portuguese "Sao Martinho", "Padre Eterno" and "Botafogo", german "Adler von Lubeck", spanish "Cagafuego" and many others. War Galleon is a fearsome foe - its boards are most sturdy between all 8 tier velssels, twice as hard as a common 3rd rate ship, so engaging into broadside to broadside fight with War Galleon for most ships can be taken as a form of a suicide. Common broadside armament consist of 21 26-pound Veldslang cannons and 7 28-pound Bastard Cannons for each board, stern and course batteries are similar - a pair of 26-pound Veldslang cannons. In total, War Galleon carries 60 cannons or carronades. The weak side of this rock-solid vessel is that for War Galleon "maneuver" is truly a foreign word. Its turning is among slowest between all ships, its massive hull restricts his acceleration and sailing ability under unfavoured winds.

Stats and Usage[]

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War Galleon
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War Galleon


? Knots


60 Cannons